You may be feeling. What if it doesn’t seem like my Fabry is getting worse?

Understand Fabry progression

How and why Fabry can worsen

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You may be feeling : What if it doesn’t seem like my Fabry is getting worse?

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Over time, Fabry tends to get worse.

The one constant is change, and Fabry is no exception. Fabry is progressive, and you may feel its effects or you may not. It can change slowly or quickly, causing damage at different rates.

You might be thinking : Will my symptoms change in the future?

Your Fabry might not always be the same as it is now. Left untreated, Fabry can progress as fatty substances continue to build up in cells, which can cause damage to one or more organs and could lead to new symptoms.

Vital organs commonly affected that you and your care team may need to pay special attention to:

  • Kidneys-Icon Kidneys
  • Heart-Icon Heart
  • Brain-Icon Brain

See how others face progression

Cheryl & Michelle

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You could be saying : Should I wait for my healthcare provider to bring up management?

Don’t be afraid to take charge of your Fabry disease by leading discussions on management. Proactive, continuous, and consistent management is crucial. Start by talking to your healthcare provider about any new or worsening symptoms—it could be the difference between falling behind on disease progression and staying ahead of it.

Try the Fabry Discussion Driver, an interactive tool to help you steer conversations like these.

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Monitor your Fabry

A guide to tracking tests and results

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Follow proper guidelines

Fabry expert Dr Rob Hopkin on managing your disease

You may be playing it by ear : Am I ready for treatment?

One part of managing Fabry is treating it. Know your treatment options, and have conversations with your healthcare provider about what could be right for you.


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Information on available Fabry disease treatment options

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